All readings are private and confidential. Psychic Nena asks that you let her do all the talking and save your questions until the end to get the most out of your personal reading.


Palm Reading

This involves reading the lines of the Palm (Life, Love, and Heart Lines) in which predictions of the past, present and future can be achieved. Palm reading can tell you about your career, relationships, children, and even your life expectancy.

Psychic Reading

In this reading, predictions are made by focusing in on a person’s auroa and vibration that the persons gives off. The reader may also ask you to hold an object the person has had for a while (Such as keys or a watch, etc.) in which predictions of your past, present and future can be achieved.

Tarot Reading

A deck of cards is shuffled, cut, and placed in a manner such as predictions of the past, present and future can be achieved. In addition, tarot readings are a bridge to the subconscious mind and can reveal information about your past lives. Of the three, tarot readings go into the most detail.

Chakra Balancing

Another service Psychic Nena offers is Chakra opening and balancing. Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the 7 main energy centers of the body, also known as the chakra system. Each chakra is located throughout the body correlating to the specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions. In addition, each center also houses our mental and emotional strengthens in which Psychic Nena can interpret to find the answers you are searching for. It is only when your chakras are opened and balanced that you are able to find your true self and achieve your destiny. Many feel that after a session with their chakras, it has helped them with all aspects of life, including work, love, social, and learning.


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